Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cracking Eggs.

I apologize if indeed, one might (and rightly so?) have been, upon the clicking, expecting a clever or rousing wind of thread tied to the subject of caloric intake.  However, though I do not reject such a concept (Oden's Raven, I love food) outright, I will attempt now to save any such expectation the trouble and squash it now:  the potential of this thing will not be curtailed by it's "Title" and "Subject"  but will alas most probably be less interesting than any tête-à-tête regarding foodstuffs, their preparation, consumption, or even inevitable digestion.

If however at some turn or straightaway, it ends up turning over, careening towards the important examination of strings connected (however inexplicably) with the processes of securing a continued nourishment?  Well, then I just might be inclined to call its endeavor a success.  That is to say, that in this moment, as I punch these flat keys into some formed order, termed a limited, but pointed exercise in self-examination, I guess I am indeed concerned with my own nourishment and sustenance.

The yoke has begun to run.
Well then, enough for now.  Edit.

Read S/Z.

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