Thursday, November 17, 2011


The soundtrack :

This is just little glimpse of what I am sure will be an illustrious career for Gliss...who thusfar has killed it with this track "Glimmer" and a handful of videos of his that have gone viral, promoted by the likes of OKAYPLAYER and making the #goddamn #upandcoming #watchoutwhenithits rounds on twitter.  For me, it represents something the begets more than a #label.  It means the Attention must be given to more than the individual must be given to the process by which he is making a name for himself...Sure, he channels a swag that hails NaS and the second half of the NYC boom of the 90's...but to do so, he is vitally and essentially pursuing something COMPLETELY NEW in terms of the method.  And he's be widely recognized for doing so, without having released a single album... I just hear Prince's Sign o' the Times playing...  The new mix-tapes are YouTube playlists?  But my mom goes on YouTube....  My point is that as the up and coming rap artist, Gliss also pretty quickly becomes the prototype for anyone without a couple million in seed money that wants to create more than a buzz...wants to start building a new Olympus and take up residence.

"The key I think, is that so far it evades a name, and longs for a chance at its own pursuit..."

But what do I know?  This isn't a music blog.  It's aiming in time to become a record... a log of the build.  
What am I building?  That remains to be seen.  The key I think, is that so far it evades a name and longs for a chance at its own pursuit.  I think really that's what most people long terms of the right to thrive.

Here is a picture of some incredible chicken I made with friends.  Significance?  Instagram makes me look like I work for Saveur.  Which is a boon to the building process.  Taking and cataloging photos you want to look at?  Just a demanded reflection.  Also, as a rule...roasted chicken is delicious.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Greet Fall Rain.

It's a rainy day in Boston.  One of those days when office bees go to work in the dark and leave work in the dark not cause it's late late Fall or deep in those dungeon months of winter... the clouds just dictate 'grey.' And it's strangely warm.  So a blessing then, that it's just rain pinning my jacked and glasses' lenses and not a slurry sleet or snow.

It has me thinking about the coming months, their potential for seasonal melancholy and reflection, and inevitably the mind begins the approach and projected path.  Fear not, for this time, wheels are sure on their axles and ready for mucking.  This wheelwright's anticipation is bright, bright.  This will be the wintering of my doubts and the activation of fresh thought.  For I have housed myself in exposed rooms that admit:  THERE IS WORK TO DO.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Columbus Day Weekend 2011 - (Waitsfield, VT)

Just now, Sean is done swimming and his accent is muted in the chill of the pond, into which he proves the only one foolish enough to venture.  His anticipated shrieks bound the hill’s slope, up, washing our toes – all fifty of them friendly – dangling careless from this porch.  It faces North, North-East, toward Camel’s Hump, with its sunlit dome land marking the distance.  What bliss!  To greet this season in such exultant surround and to have the space we do – to breathe-in the valley, and so wholly.  It’s chirping-loud flora a show, and all of Fall is showing off.  T. Cole knows what I'm talking about. 

How am I here?  What series of events the cause?  Which was the crucial turn?

Sean’s cursing hits loudly, his harsh Zimbabwean patois: “Absolutely useless bloody pricks…”

We all chuckle, acknowledging our attentions to his ordeal, and cause it feels good.  What a necessary contrast to the staggering peace we all felt, timed perfectly.

How do I capture this place?  Appropriately?  Simply.  If I knew how to — if I could — I would be afraid to do it.  The capture gets the spoiling.  But this intense honesty of feeling is important.  This I know.

It seems to say “Look at me.  Look me in the eye.  I am the essential majesty.  I see you.  I see the city where you have let yourself land, and I raise you this place; its calm.  This Opening. Breath me in, and find your stores replenished.”

I ask myself: "Are your bones aligned? Are your muscles, your ligaments, your stretching parts and their opposite, more tough places…are they HERE?  I mean REALLY HERE?"  

I am the Will - entire - pressed upon a whispered, breathless "yes!"  And so can finally stand to in a couple too-short days leave, sans regret.